Details & Care

Please note that although designs are occasionally repeated upon demand, each adornment has an essence of it's own, and no two pieces are exactly alike. Often times the final product is a complete surprise, and this element is held as sacred.

All designs are copyrighted and duplication of designs without prior written consent by Nelie G. Mae is prohibited.

Upkeep reminders: 

  • To keep earrings secure, please always wear your earring backs

  • To increase the lifespan of your piece, store in a hanging position or let rest loosely on a flat surface

  • All earrings have a bit of mobility; feel free to lightly run your fingers along each side of the earring to adjust accordingly

  • All measurements are approximate


  • Primary materials are Japanese glass seed beads (made in the Miyuki, Matsuno and Toho factories), bugle glass beads from the Czech Republic, and nylon thread

  • Nelie G. Mae earring hooks are sterling silver unless otherwise noted (copper, stainless steel, and rhodium-plated are available upon request)